Umbilical Cord Cyst: A Case Report

Nelson C Nwankwo, Belema Ayo Manuel, Paulina S Dariah




BACKGROUND: Ultrasonography has become a routine investigation carried out during antenatal period especially due to its non invasive nature. It is used for monitoring fetal viability, gestation and growth as well as detection of foetal  anomalies. Umbilical cord cysts are among the anomalies that can be detected by ultrasound. Chromosomal and structural abnormalities are seen in upto 20% of foetuses with umbilical cysts detected in the second and third trimestester

METHOD: We report the case of umbilical cord cyst detected by ultrasound at 15 weeks gestational age in Mrs A. B. a 34 year old Gravida2 Para 1+0.

RESULTS: The pregnancy resulted in an intrauterine foetal death at 34 weeks gestational age. Post mortem confirmed presence of umbilical cord cyst and multiple foetal congenital anomalies.

CONCLUSION: The association of umbilical cord cysts with foetal anomalies and adverse foetal outcomes should always be kept in mind. The importance of ultrasound in detection and follow up can not be overemphasized.


Umbilical cord cyst, Foetal anomalies, Ultrasound


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