Stress, Health, and Accident Risks for Commercial Drivers in Abuja, Nigeria: Causes and Correlations


  • Awoleye J. Olatunji OREEP Nig Ltd., Abuja, Nigeria
  • Tameca N. Harris-Jackson University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, United States
  • Nancy Hernandez Texas A&M University - Central Texas, Killeen, Texas, United States
  • Christopher Thron Texas A&M University - Central Texas, Killeen, Texas, United States
  • Richard Olukolade Association for Reproductive & Family Health, Abuja Nigeria


Commercial vehicle drivers, stress, Nigeria, Abuja, road safety


Objective: Chronic stress can contribute to poor health, and vice versa. Both can impact job performance, which in the case of commercial motor vehicle drivers (CMVDs) impacts public safety. This study examines the relationship between stress, health, and safety for CMVDs in Abuja, Nigeria.

Methods: a cross sectional study was conducted among 509 CMVDs in Abuja, Nigeria. Various lifestyle habits, working conditions and demographic factors were considered. Treatment rates among hypertensives were also measured. Multivariate models (logistic multivariate regression) and univariate risk ratios were computed.

Results: Higher self-reported stress was associated with tobacco use, high alcohol consumption, and lower weight. Hypertension was associated with high alcohol consumption and higher weight, as well as higher age and elevated pulse rate. No significant correlations with accident frequency were discovered. Prevalence of mid- to high-stress was 28%; prevalence of hypertension was 26% among drivers under 40 and 47% among drivers over 40. Although screening tests for hypertension are common (90% for drivers over 40) only 30% of hypertensive drivers who were previously tested were receiving treatment.

Conclusions: These findings indicate a high prevalence of stress among CMVDs, and a positive relationship between CMVDs stress and health factors known to have long-term, negative health outcomes (i.e. tobacco and alcohol use/abuse). Findings also indicate a very high prevalence of hypertension, and low levels of treatment. Implications include education and prevention programs for effective stress and health management among CMVDs.  


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