Acute Limb Ischeamia Masquerading As Stroke: A Case Report

Victor Aniedi Umoh, Abadom Tochukwu


Background: Acute limb ischemia is an uncommon condition and the diagnosis may be missed as it may mimic more common conditions that cause sudden loss of function in a limb. The aim of this case report is to highlight the possibility of this clinical presentation and improve awareness among practitioners.

Methods: A summary of the case records of a patient with acute limb ischaemia presenting to the emergency unit of the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital and a review of available literature on the subject using Medline, Google and electronic journal database for relevant literature search.

Result: A 56year old hypertensive female with complicated with chronic atrial fibrillation presented with a simultaneous ALI and a transient ischemic attack. ALI resulted in foot gangrene and the patient refused surgical intervention. She died from overwhelming sepsis from foot gangrene. Though ALI is rare, the associated complications of limb loss and even death make early diagnosis and urgent revascularization a priority in the management.

Conclusion: This is a rare condition and a high index of suspicion is required especially in patients with a high risk for peripheral artery disease. An early and thorough evaluation of the limbs is essential to prevent loss of the limb. The diagnosis is usually made clinically with imaging to guide management. The management is to re-establish circulation using endovascular or surgical techniques


Acute Limb Ischeamia; Stroke Mimic; Uyo; Nigeria

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