• Stella Ngozi Cookey Rivers State University Teaching Hospital/ Rivers State University
  • Emmanuel O Nyeche Rivers State University Teaching Hospital/ Rivers State University
  • Christian Wariboko Rivers State University Teaching Hospital/ Rivers State University


Carotid, Hypertensive, cIMT, cS/D ratio, Nigerian, Stroke, cPSV, cEDV


Background: Carotid scan has proven a valuable tool in assessing atherosclerotic source of large vessel thromboembolic stroke. Duplex carotid scan is non-invasive, cheap, and readily available.  This study set out to evaluate the effect of hypertension on carotid vascular parameters.

Method: Hypertensive, nondiabetic individuals attending clinics at the Rivers State University Teaching Hospital, from January 2021 to October 2021, were recruited for the study and carotid artery parameters from normal, non-hypertensive and non-diabetic individuals were compared after matching for BMI. A protocol was developed of duplex vascular parameters of the left common carotid(LCC), right common carotid artery(RCC), left internal carotid(LIC), and right internal carotid artery(RIC). Data was analyzed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences 23.  

Results: Eighty-one hypertensive who met the inclusion criteria and fifty apparently normal individuals were studied.  The mean age for the hypertensive population and control was 57.26 ± 10.53yrs and 48.67 ± 7.11yrs, respectively. Mean systolic blood pressures of hypertensive population was 167.46 ± 17.73mmHgand 129 ± 11.29mmHg for controls; mean diastolic blood pressure was 88.63 ± 12.57mmHg for hypertensives and 76.04 ± 8.15 mmHg for controls. The left common carotid showed statistically significant difference in its IMT and diameter when compared with the normal population. There was a negative correlation between SBP and the PSV of the Left Internal Carotid artery.

Conclusion:  Hypertension affects the structure and blood flow across the carotid vessels as shown in its impact on PSV, EDV and S/D and there is need to evaluate the role of doppler parameters as surrogates of cardiovascular markers.


Author Biographies

Stella Ngozi Cookey, Rivers State University Teaching Hospital/ Rivers State University

Department of Internal Medicine/Consultant Cardiologist/Lecturer

Emmanuel O Nyeche, Rivers State University Teaching Hospital/ Rivers State University

Department of Internal Medicine/Senior Registrar/Lecturer

Christian Wariboko, Rivers State University Teaching Hospital/ Rivers State University

Department of Internal Medicine/Senior Registrar Endocrinology/Lecturer


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