A 3 Year Review of Urethrocystoscopy in Port Harcourt

Ovunda Jack Omodu, Anselem Chester Iyama



Urethrocystoscopy also known as cystoscopy is an important tool for the urologist for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The aim of this study is to present a 3 year audit of urethrocystoscopy service in a public and private facility in Port Harcourt.


This study was a prospective study of all cystoscopies carried out Colworths medical centre and Braithwaite memorial specialist hospital between November 2012 and June 2015. Information obtained from case records include age, gender, diagnosis, procedure, duration of surgery, complications and were analyzed. Rigid cystoscopes were used for all procedures. Data analysis was done using SPSS version 20.


During the period of study, 103 cystoscopies were performed on 103 patients with age range of 3-89 years with mean age of 66.99. There were 98(95.14%) males and 5(4.85%) females. Indications for cystoscopies were 6(5.82%) bladder tumours, 53(51.45%) benign prostatic hyperplasia, 20(19.41%) prostate cancer, 16(15.53%) urethral stricture, 3(2.91%) hematuria, 4(3.88%) bladder calculi, 1(0.97%) posterior urethral valve. The duration of procedure had a mean time of 9mins. 61(59.22%) cases were done in Colworths while 42(40.77%) cases were done in BMSH and outcomes were satisfactory as there was no complication seen.


The commonest indication for cystoscopy in the two study centers was benign prostatic hyperplasia. Cystoscopy is a vital diagnostic tool in urology as it offers a life image of the urinary tract and aids in prompt and effective therapeutic decision.


Urethroscopy; Service Audit; Port Harcourt; Nigeria.

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