Awareness and Perception of Resident Doctors towards National Health Insurance Scheme in a Tertiary Hospital

Nzube Anthony Ilochonwu


Objective: The study aimed to assess the awareness and perception of resident doctors in a tertiary hospital concerning the National Health Insurance Scheme in Nigeria.

Methods: Cross-sectional descriptive study of Junior Residents employed at Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Ile-Ife. Participants were selected by purposive sampling technique and a self-completed questionnaire employed to collect data. Data comprised demographics, questions on knowledge, utilization and perception/attitude towards National Health Insurance Scheme. The analysis was done with SPSS v20; descriptive as well as inferential statistics were recorded association determined at 0.05 level of significance.

Results: The study had 92% (69/75) response rate, males significantly more than female respondents (P=0.000). More than 80% of respondents had adequate basic knowledge about the Scheme. Approximately half of the study participants knew about the Scheme’s inception and only 29.0% knew when participants can access the benefits after registration and 72.5% of the respondents were registered with the Scheme. The majority (78.3% and 71%) of respondents felt the Scheme is capable of reducing the burdens of health bills and exerting significant impact on the health of users respectively. Also, 78.3% of respondents wanted the Scheme to continue.

Conclusion: The resident doctors demonstrated optimal basic knowledge about the NHIS but there is need to update their knowledge especially as regards the benefits of the Scheme. Their perception concerning the Scheme is good and encouraging but they expressed concern about under-performance and non-availability of necessary drugs/services. 


Health insurance, Perception, Awareness, Doctors


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