'RAW' Formula for Calculating Maintenance Fluid Volumes in Low Birth-Weight and Premature Babies Derived

Nwate Ledisi



Hitherto only Tables existed for estimating Maintenance Fluid volume requirements in Low Birth-Weight and Premature Babies.


This work presents a Formula, derived by the author, which can be used for such calculations in this category of babies


One of the most developed Tables on this subject matter, "Pediatric Surgical Unit Guidelines, Sheffield Children's Hospital was selected, subjected to analysis and reconstituted until the Formula was derived.


This formula, 20{(R+A)-W}, ml kg-1 day-1 was derived from the table. This translates to 0.8(R+A-W) ml -1 kg _1 Hr .Where R = Rehydration factor. [R= 5 for Liberal & 4 to 1 for Restricted Regimens], A = the age (in days) of the baby, W = premature baby's actual weight. The proposed formula was validated for its accuracy by reconstructing a table (vide infra), using the derived formula and compared with the original table. A paired sample T- test, using variation in days and in weights, did not show any statistically significant (p<0.05) difference between the two tables.


The derived formula is recommended for calculating maintenance fluid volumes in premature and Low Birth weight babies.


Formula; Premature Babies; Maintenance Fluid; Volume Calculation

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