Health-seeking behavior of Port Harcourt City Residents: A Univariate Comparison between the Upper and Lower Socio Economic Classes

Promise Tamunoipiriala Jaja, Sokiprim Akoko, Abiotoa Bestman, Agnes Iragunima



This study aimed at establishing the determinants and distribution of the health-seeking behaviours of Port Harcourt City residents, with comparison between the upper and lower socio­economic classes.


This was a descriptive cross-sectional study that used 204 respondents. The socio-economic classification was done using occupation and average monthly income. A Multi-staged sampling technique was used in subject selection; stage one being by stratified sampling using socio-economic classes for stratification while stage two involved clustered sampling; following which five- sectioned structured questionnaires were administered.


Differences (P<0.05) in Health facility used existed as the upper class used mostly Hospitals (Government and Private); the lower class additionally used health centres and un-orthodox health facilities. Reasons for using a health facility was similar (P>0.05) as both classes mostly go for treatment or medical check-ups. Health facility preference was mostly for good treatment outcome and accessibility; cost was also a cardinal reason for the lower class. Commonly and last used health-care giver differed (P<0.05); the upper class mostly saw a doctor, the lower saw the doctor, pharmacist and nurse. Competence was the major reason for health-care giver selection by the upper class, it differed (P<0.05) from the lower class that had previous good treatment outcome and illness severity.


The upper socio-economic class has better health-seeking behavior as they use more competent Health facilities and health-care givers.


Health-seeking behaviours; Determinants; Social Class Comparison; Port Harcourt; Nigeria

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