The pattern of diabetic admissions in UCTH Calabar, South Eastern Nigeria: A five year review

Victor Aniedi Umoh, Akaninyene Akpan Otu, Ofem Egbe Enang, Queen Onung Okereke, Okon Essien, Ido Ukpe


Background: The world's adult population is increasing rapidly. This increase is expected to lead to an increase in the prevalence of diabetes especially in developing countries like Nigeria. Diabetes places a large burden on the society more so when it becomes complicated. This study is designed to provide information on hospitalization trends and their outcomes among diabetic patients.

Methods: This was a 5 year retrospective analysis of hospitalization trends and outcomes among diabetics admitted into the medical wards of UCTH Calabar between January 2006 and December 2010. Information was obtained from their case files and data was analysed using SPSS version 18 software.

Results: A total of 3490 patients were admitted into the medical wards during the period under review. Diabetes accounted for 360 (9.64%) of admissions. The average age of the subjects was 48.5 ± 14.0 years. The mean duration of Diabetes was 11 ± 7.2 years (range 1-32 years). HHS was the most frequent indication for admission (35.8%) followed by DKA (21.7%) and diabetic foot syndrome (15.8%). The duration of hospitalisation ranged from 1 to 150 days with an average of 18.7 ± 18.8 days. . Mean duration of hospitalisation was longest for diabetic foot syndrome (38.5 ± 36.4 days) and least for UTI (7.3 ± 5.0 days). Three hundred and nine patients (85.8%) were treated and discharged while 48 (13.3%) left against medical advice and 3 (0.8%) died while on admission. A majority of patients who left against medical advice were admitted for DFS (50.0%). 53.3% of the patients had blood pressure above 140/90 on admission and 69% of the subjects were non-compliant with their treatment.

Conclusion: Diabetes is a major cause of hospitalization in our hospitals and most of the complications are preventable. With proper patient education and adherence to management, the burden of DM can be reduced in our society


Diabetic Mellitus; Pattern of Admission; South East Nigeria; Morbidity

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