Tuberculosis Of The Thyroid Gland In A Nigeria Female: A Case Report

Cecil Obinna Maduforo, Datonye Dennis Alasia, Uriah Stephen Etawo


Background: Affectation of the thyroid gland by Mycobacterium tubercle is known to be rare. High index of suspicion is required to diagnose this rare condition and the place of radiological imaging as an adjunct in correct diagnosis and follow up is brought to the fore.

Methodology: The medical records of the patient who presented with tuberculosis of the thyroid gland secondary to tuberculosis of the chest and literature review of the case using available journals and pubmed search was employed. The radiological imaging and laboratory results were reviewed

Results:A 32 year old female who presented with chronic and a euthyroid goitre was diagnosed with Tuberculosis of the thryoid gland.

Conclusion: Tuberculosis of the thyroid gland should be included in the differential diagnosis of thyroid swelling especially in a patient with Koch's disease.


Thyroid gland; Tuberculosis; Radiological imaging; Nigeria

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