Effects of Stress on Community Health Workers Performance in Shongom Local Government Area of Gombe State

Otovwe Agofure, Oghenenioborue Okandeji-Barry, Sunday Ignatius Ume, Salisu Yulum


Introduction: Job stress is a frequent problem among health workers as it has a negative impact on their job performance. The study aims to determine the effect of job-related stress on community health worker’s performance in Shongom Local Government Area of Gombe State.

Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study design was employed among 202 Community Health Workers. A questionnaire was used to obtain information from the respondents; while the mean was used to show the level of stress among the health workers and logistic regression was used to predict the various stressors which affect health workers performance.

Results: The results showed most of the respondents were females. Majority of the respondents 82.50% affirmed a high level of stress on their job performance. Furthermore, the study showed that job related stressors such as lack of time to do job properly (AOR=2.941, 95% CI=1.034-8.370) and unclear job specification (AOR=2.051, 95% CI=0.717-5.871); organisational related stressors such as lack of information on the job (AOR=5.250, 95% CI=1.698-16.228) and lack of involvement in decision making in the work place (AOR=3.753, 95% CI=1.399-10.067) and individually related stressors such as insufficient income to support self and family (AOR=1.871, 95% CI=0.761-4.598) and lack of job security (AOR=1.500, 95% CI=0.624-3.608) all had an effect on the respondents’ job performance.

Conclusion: The study showed stress has an effect on community health workers job performance. Therefore stress reduction strategies should be implemented at primary health centres to reduce the stress on community health workers in order to improve their service delivery.


Community health workers, stress, performance, job


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