Case report of koebnerization of herpes zoster lesions by Psoriasis in a HIV positive patient

Ehiaghe Lonia Anaba


Koebner’s phenomenon (isomorphic response or isotopic response) is defined as the occurrence of a new typical skin disease at the site of another unrelated, completely different and already healed skin disease. Skin disease have been reported in Human Immune deficiency disease (HIV). These skin disease can serve as diagnostic a clues to immunosuppression, be used in the staging of HIV disease and can be multiple. Some reports of koebnerization of skin diseases in HIV have been documented.

We report the case of a 48 year old male patient, newly diagnosed with HIV disease. He also developed psoriasis and these psoriatic lesions were found on healed multi-dermatomal lesions of herpes zoster.

KEYWORDS: Köebner phenomenon, HIV, psoriasis, herpes zoster.





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