Histologic Study of Non-Malignant Kidney Lesions in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Christopher Obiorah, Monday Sapira



Determining the histologic pattern of non- malignant kidney lesions enables clinicians to have improved index of suspicion of such cases and allow for selection of specific treatment option. Ways of forestalling occurrence of preventable ones can also be proffered.


To review non-malignant renal lesions seen in Anatomical Pathology Department of the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH) Rivers state, Nigeria.


Renal biopsies processed in Anatomical pathology department between 1998 and 2012 were identified from tissue registers. With emphasis laid on non-malignant renal lesions, patients request forms and duplicate copies of the issued reports were retrieved and assessed for gender, age, gross morphologic features, histologic diagnosis and clinical information including type of biopsy and side of renal lesion. Available, Hematoxylin and Eosin stained slides were reassessed for consistency with reported diagnoses. Data obtained was analysed using SPSS version 20.


The lesions constituted 40.5% of the 111 renal biopsies reviewed. The age range was 16 months to 56 years with 84.4% of the cases being below 40 years. The mean age was 21.8 ± 13.8 years. Male female ratio was 1.8:1. Thirty two cases (71.2%) were inflammatory lesions out of which 35.6% and 22.2% were chronic pyelonephritis and chronic glomerulonephritis respectively. Majority (90%) of the chronic glomerulonephritis were of membranoproliferative type. Polycystic kidney disease and hydronephrosis constituted 5 cases (11.1%) each while oncocytoma, benign nephrosclerosis and simple renal cyst each recorded one case (2.2%).


Inflammatory disorders of the kidney are common causes of morbidity in Port Harcourt. Routine performance of simple tests for lower urinary tract infection like urinalysis will assist in forestalling the possible progression to inflammatory renal lesions especially chronic pyelonephritis commonly noted in this study.


Histology; Non-Malignant kidney disease; Port Harcourt

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